Internships at Calvary provide great experiences for students with ministry interest, and other professional interests. It is our hope that skills and concepts learned during the internships would benefit any intern’s future place of employment as well as the Kingdom.

An internship at Calvary will provide quality, hands on, ministry/work experience that contributes to personal, ministry/professional development, which will adequately prepare young professionals entering the workforce in any industry.

Submit questions and applications to Victoria Peasley, by clicking here.

Applications for Summer 2019 are closed. Internship Opportunities for 2020 will be posted in January.


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Intern Residency Program

Intern Residency members will be exposed to multiple areas of Ministry in order to prepare and develop for future in Ministry and discern any call for future ministry work. These individuals will be placed in their area of study and future practice, shadowing and becoming integrated with the Calvary Pastor in their particular field. They will serve for a period ranging from one semester to two years. A stipend will be determined with each candidate for an average of 20 hours of work per week. 

Those in the Intern Residency Program will receive quarterly feedback verbally from the supervisor in their area of focus. They will also receive a more comprehensive review prior their departure, to assist them with their future in ministry.

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Seasonal Internship

Seasonal Interns will be offered experience in a variety of ministry areas around the church, but will have one area of focus that is determined upon hire. (See Service Areas to the right). They will be paid a weekly stipend and work an average of 20 hours a week. 

Seasonal Interns will each have a Job Description of Internship Expectations explaining their roles and responsibilities, and will undergo a standard hiring process, and exit interview.


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Service Areas

Media & Communications - Website & Creative Design, Social Media, Blogs, Worship Visuals, Creative Writing.

Children & Student Ministries - Planning, Preparations, Events, and Spiritual Development of Kids and Students.

Worship & Productions - Bands, Development of Volunteers, Sound, Lighting, Video, Editing. 

Business Operations - Business Administration, Writing, Research, Facilities, Support for Staff. 



(Seasonal Interns typically serve for about 3-4 months during the time frame listed below) 

  • Spring (4 months)

  • Summer (3 months)

  • Fall (4 months)


Intern Residency Program: enrollment or graduate from seminary or has a college degree with a desire to pursue full-time vocational ministry, in addition to adherence and agreement with Calvary doctrines, practices, and vision.

Seasonal Interns: enrollment in or a graduate from college is required in addition to adherence and agreement with Calvary doctrines, practices, and vision.

Hiring Process 

Applications for Summer 2019 are closed

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If selected for interview, candidate will meet with the Internship Direct Report or potential Supervisor

References are checked

Candidate is offered position and presented with job description